Nov 14

Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and any inflammation, pain or damage to this nerve is the reason behind Sciatica. There are several other reasons also which are responsible for this painful situation. Sciatic nerve begins from the lumbar region of the lower back or the spinal cord and ends down in the feet. This also passes through the buttock region so pain is found throughout this region. Numbness or tingling effect is experienced by the patients suffering from Sciatica

Patients who suffer from accidents and trauma usually experience pain in the sciatic nerve. This is either because of the compression of the nerve or due to damage or because of bone spurs which lead to Sciatica. People who are diabetic also suffer from Sciatica and apart from this there is another major factor behind this pain which is disc herniation. Anatomically spine has 7 vertebrae in the neck region, 12 in the middle and 5 in the lower region. These vertebrae are protected by annulus and a jelly like soft part called nucleus. So, in case where this annulus gets disrupted and the nucleus is dislocated either because of an accident, because of age or for any factor will lead to Sciatica.

Once the cause and the symptoms of Sciatica are identified there are several treatments for this which will help in relieving pain. Medication can definitely bring relief from the pain and inflammation and cures the condition to a great extent.

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